Denim Dreamin'

Very rarely do I leave my apartment wearing no form of denim.  This summer that has meant wearing my Levi's denim vest at least every other day, a couple of mild days in jeans, and about 3 wears of my denim jacket.  Simply stated denim is and always has been my wardrobe staple.  Below I've documented a few of my favorite denim moments.

I am totally down with denim-on-denim (when it's done right) and who better to pull it off than the unbelievably gorgeous Joan Smalls at London Fashion Week, she breaks it up with a perfect worn in leather belt.

Great interpretations of classic American style in the above pics!  P.S. how cute are Jenna Lyons' and Joanna Hillman in their glasses!

And these two looks are great uses of denim on the I love a chambray shirt!

photos via sincerely jules, tommy ton x, refinery29

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