[Latin] America the Bold

Saw these BEAUTIFUL photographs on Fashion Gone Rogue from Vogue Latin America, it's a classic "grass is always greener" scenario, but it always seems like foreign publications do the best editorials with the most original styling.  Anna are you listening?  Like why don't we (as if I work for Vogue or Harper's...) ever send models to the rocky mountains??

The photos were taken in Peru and I think that the lush landscape plus modern brights make it really special. Check it out...

The above and below images have to be my favorite!!

I may also gravitate towards these images because the thought of being somewhere in the mountains where the air is crisp and cool at night realllllyyyy appeals to me in the middle of a 100 degree day.

photos by michael filonow images via fashion gone rogue

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  1. Yes Kelci!! I totally agree! None of the US publications 'transport' me like our european/asian counterparts!! and WOW what a fantastic shoot this is! Hope all is well in SC! LOVE your blog!!!!!!