Sugar for Celebration!

As the weekend was approaching I had a hunch that my little blog would be reaching an exciting milestone while Jenny was in town.  So I planned for us to head over to Sugar Bakeshop in downtown Charleston and get ourselves some treats in celebration of Sartorial Roadmap's first 1,000 page views.  I knew that Sugar was going to be cute...but I had no idea it was THIS cute...

The bakers sweetly obliged when I asked them to scribble a little 1,000 onto my 'cake!

Jenny enjoyed a mint-chocolate concoction while mine was a vanilla cupcake with almond frosting!  Soo soo soo tasty!

Thanks to everyone who has visited Sartorial Roadmap, I've had the best time, and can't wait to continue to evolve it!  Now go and spread the word!!  I have also been informed by the kind Sugar Bakeshop "icer" that I need to stop by the store Indigo & stay tuned for that...

p.s. yes i am aware that my nails look diseased thanks to their lacking of a paint job...and no i will never let it happen again!

cupcake photos via jenny's killer photog skills

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