Sartorial Field Trips: Charleston by Day

In an effort to organize all of the photos that were taken to document this weekend with my bestie.  I decided to split them between day and night shots!


Before our carriage ride we were 2.3 seconds away from passing out due to heat stroke.  That is until we met our friendly neighborhood Charleston Ice representative and were saved.

Sadly this hot mama was not our guide for the afternoon, but boy do I respect her 'do (the bang braid is my favorite).  I mean let's get real horses have to beat the heat too...sadly I missed the photo-op of another carriage horse sporting a mane mohawk.  What a cool crew.

Sadly Jenny and I didn't make it to the jailhouse for a ghost time!


Is this familiar to anyone...

Recognize it yet??

Still stumped?  It's Boone Hall Plantation (aka Allie Hamilton's home in The Notebook duhhh!), and the gate that Noah runs into trying to find Allie after she's already left town...yeah we were pretty excited about this field trip!

One of nine remaining original slave cabins.

We both experienced chick-fil-a for the second time this weekend, even more magical than the first.


We wandered around the College of Charleston did I not know that CofC was here until this's such a beautiful campus!  I promise more photos to come of the phenomenal weekend, but for now I'll leave you with this quote...

"Alleh!!"  -Allie Hamilton's mama in a moment of rage.  Simple but poignant.

photo of carriage tour sign via jenny moreau

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