Today I Went Thrifting...

In between stops at Autozone (looking every bit the auto illiterate lady that I am) for a tail light, and Wal-Mart (it's an extra interesting place in the south...) for a beach chair, I found two thrift stores and had to stop in. Today I ended up walking away with a few fun things...

I believe I picked up this blouse for $1.75!! I think I'll have to get the shoulders taken in just a touch, but I love the graphic print on it, and couldn't pass up the price!

I'm super excited about the envelope clutch, it's a great bag for summer nights and can actually hold a bunch, which is great because I'm a bit of a schlep-aholic.

This lil' glass is the perfect addition to my collection of dishes with gold touches used for hanging on to all of the knick knack's I've got lying around...perhaps bobby pins for the new one?

Total price for my haul?? A whopping $7.87! I can't wait to put all of the pieces to use.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Kelci
    Love the top great prints. I pray you are ajusting to all the new things that are going on Job, apartment, new surroundings don't stress to much with the bugs I had them in Texas hard to get rid of after awhile they become apart of the surroundings even if we don't want them. Excited to see whar GOD has planned for you
    Blessings Carmen