Prabal Haul

I'm writing this one month after the Prabal Gurung x Target collection actually launched, but just be happy that I've finally gotten my lazy blogging behind to dress up the lil' lady and take pictures of her again!  On the morning of February 10th when I awoke, immediately hopped on and admittedly, went a little crazy.  It was finally after a couple of try-ons and one lucky stumble that I came upon my final haul.  
I originally ordered the blouse in a medium, but when it arrived I discovered that a needed a small.  I had pretty much given up until I was wandering my local Target and there was one blouse left in the whole store, in my size.  My favorite details are the mesh shoulders.  

 The dress was the perfect fit from the get go.  It's so flattering, and I've already tried it on with my denim vest {so cute!}, so it will clearly be a summer 2013 staple.  I can't wait to rock it around town with my mini Edie bag on my hip. 
 Last, but not least, these super cute flat sandals will be seeing a lot of sunlight this summer.  I have a pretty terrible sandal collection and I think these are a pretty great addition.  
A few of the items that didn't quite work will be going up for sale soon on ebay... I'll keep you updated!  

What did you buy?