My Instagram Life: Reliving the Holiday Season

December was a wonderful month.  I really tried to take in the spirit of Christmas in New York City by visiting night markets, museums, and simply taking in the scent of Christmas trees, enjoy a look at the insta-moments that made my last month.  
How amazing is my new ottoman from the Chelsea antiques garage?

I love this picture. So much green & red.
I made my own Christmas cards!  
My amazing Michigan Wolverines played just down the street at the Barclays Center, it was an awesome night.  
My incredibly cool & talented friend sent out winter mixtapes in custom designed envelopes. 

I got hit with the baking bug mid-month and decided to whip up some blueberry crisp. Delish.
One fine December night was spent with co-workers and friends at Morimoto. Red Bean Donuts. 
On another fine December's eve, Attention celebrated the Holidays.  <3's to Abbey
I took my last day in NYC to explore the American Museum of Natural History.
Christmas brunch went down, and my dad had a nice long chat with his grand-dog at the table.
All things Rodarte, shout out to my bro who really knows how to make his little sister happy.  Later in the week I picked up Rodarte's Christmas ornament from the Target x Neiman Marcus x CFDA collection to round it all out.
Max & I worked from home.
Out on the town with the Jenny's, another unforgettable evening!
Last but not least, the coziest picture from the whole week.  I LOVE a live fireplace, there's absolutely nothing that can beat it. 

Spending an entire week with family and friends is priceless.  Even in a time where we have to say goodbye, I cherished every moment.  But now the beat goes on and year two in New York has just begun, will you join me on the continued journey?

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