Homes at the Holidays

I skipped decorating for the Holidays this year due to a lack of tree space, and a lack of $$ to support a buying spree on all things festive.  But I deem this the last year that I'm willing to let it happen, there are simply too many cute ideas out there.  I found these ideas and many more on Pinterest and I have a feeling that I'll be pinning long after the Holidays are over!
 In case there's no room for a big tree, grab a mini and prop it up on a table.  This would have been the only way my roommate and I could have made a Christmas tree work.
 Love the use of neon ribbons to replace garland.
 Even without doors this beautiful, it's a super simple and easy decor idea.
 I love both of these ideas, no tree?  No mantle?  No problem, just paint one on and hang it up!

This is perfect.

Of course no Holiday season is complete without a few of your favorite Holiday movies.  I've already gotten my fill of Little Women, the Christmas scenes are my favorites from the entire movie.  And who could have Christmas without a screening of Christmas Vacation?  My family never misses it on Christmas eve!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

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