Confessions Of A Pack-a-Holic: Home For The Holidays

My name is Kelci, and I am a pack-a-holic.  

By the time that this posts I'll be through security and waiting patiently for my 9:25 am flight back to Michigan, but I knew I had to share my story.  When I admitted to my co-workers and friends that I went home for Thanksgiving with 3 different chambray shirts, I knew I had to at least TRY to curb my addiction to overpacking {this time I'm only bringing two}.  
 This time I went through and organized casual items first.  3 pairs of pants, black jeans, skinny jeans, and the wonderfully addictive Pixie Pant.

I'll mix and match these major items with a few other basics that I threw in the suitcase, and I've added the dressier pieces below for Christmas Eve and any other couple of events that will go down next week.

My lovely boots & booties, will be heading to Michigan, and add in my new running shoes and another pair of heels {that I'm still contemplating ditching} for the dress up above and that is it for shoes.
Last but not least, the outerwear.  I'll be wearing the camel colored coat to the airport tomorrow since it's obviously the heaviest and I've packed the two other jackets as well.  I guess that seems excessive, but baby steps people, I love leather jackets.

Generally speaking It seems as though I've done an okay job, however I'm still contemplating the addition of one or two minor pieces {another tee & a thin cardi?!}, the whole putting everything out before putting it in the suitcase seems to be the answer moving forward.  Last but not least I still need to add my jewelry, toiletries and my sad semi-broken computer.  I will keep you posted on the success rate {i.e. bag poundage}!

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