My Instagram Life: Autumn

This fall season has been nearly perfect, my parents visited, crisp autumn air has been in full effect, and my roommate and I have had a temporary addition to our household.  
Wall art has finally been hung, and our place is beginning to feel like home.  
The gorgeous Manhattan Bridge.
My parents and I trekked up to the Bronx to see the Detroit Tigers take the Yankees down in game two of the ALCS.

A blissful fall afternoon spent at Prospect park. 
Absentee ballot came, and this morning, I sent it back out!  Proud to be a voter.
 Halloween weekend gave me an opportunity to live out my 90's sitcom fantasies and be Blossom for a day.
Axl was our faithful companion during Hurricane Sandy.  
 The perfect fall has been tarnished by one of the most devastating natural disasters on the East Coast in years, and things won't be normal for a long time because of it.  I'm so incredibly grateful to come out of this unscathed and hope to get to work this weekend and help the city get back to normal.
Last night I took a jog up to the Manhattan Bridge to see what I could, fittingly, 1 World Trade Center was a shining beacon of hope in the midst of a dark downtown.

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