A Pop In The Kitchen

 My current apartment search is dragging on, and stressing me out to the max.  However, the one thing that I can't stop planning for {despite the fact that I may very well be homeless in 2.5 weeks} is the painting of my kitchen table.  I'm going for it, BRIGHT PINK y'all.  I think it's safe to say that I was inspired by the boldness of a few of these...

Thoughts?  I've been dreaming this up for a while, and with a bit of work I plan to make it happen.  Also this...
A garment rack DIY from A Beautiful mess, I love that this DIY version is so much cuter than most that you find in stores, probably more affordable too.  Find these pics & more on my "decor dreams" and "diy & more" Pinterest boards, and wish me luck on my painting {oh...and apartment hunting} endeavors.

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