A Very Rad Week

Last week during a VERY serious re-group at work, a few ladies and I became aware of an upcoming Rodarte sample sale.  The Rodarte sample sale is invite only, so immediately after returning to our desks, we emailed Andy that we wanted in.  Fast forward a week, and we got our invites!  A couple of us headed up to the sample sale after work, and while the selection was definitely picked over, there were still some stunners, but it was the Rodarte for Opening Ceremony "Radarte" tee that I was really gunning for.

With various sizes left, I had my pick and since these pieces rarely go on sale, I went for it and bought the sweatshirt too.

 Another very notable thing happened this week.   On Monday one of my co-workers was feeling MIGHTY generous, and giving away a Prada bag, but not for nothing...the challenge was to guess what month she bought her cat Sophie.  I pondered for a bit, and was debating between November & January, before I finally chose January.

I WAS RIGHT, hence I am the proud new owner of a classic black leather PRADA bag!!  Wow.  What a week!


  1. seriously jealous!!! of everything! haha but good choice on the sweatshirt! so many possibilities! and you could probably even cut it up if you wanted to wear it in the!

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