Magical Weekend in Michigan

I got to spend last weekend at home in Michigan, and it was a busy trip to say the least!  It involved brunch with Grandma, shopping with mom for dresses for my brother's wedding, time with two of my best buds, Donutville, boating, beaching, movie night with the p's, ice cream, more boating & beaching, more ice cream, a bachelorette party, and our traditional Father's Day celebration in the park.  Pictures to prove it.....

 Farewell for the weekend...
I had a few interesting in-flight experiences.
Jenny, Marissa & I, reunited!  The first time the three of us have been together since this time last year {and yes...this is the awesome girl who designs the Sartorial Roadmap banners!}
DONUTVILLE.  Classic post-run breakfast.  75 cent.
 This may be one of my favorite pictures ever.
 Beach {the best sand in the u.s.a.} and my new panama hat!!
 The shores of Pure Michigan.

 I was perfectly dressed for the luau theme.
Jenny & I.
She didn't have ANY fun at her bachelorette party...
Statue of Dutch immigrants at Kollen Park.  Yeah Holland Michigan, you rock.
Two awesome father's!  
My dog-nephew, the Nienhuis {and to be Nienhuis} ladies, my Uncle John & I, and that is my awesome Grandma.  And yes, she is wearing a leopard print belt...I have inherited her sass and spice!

I <3 my home state.  It was a wonderful weekend spent at home, and luckily for me, I will be back again in August to witness my brother getting married!  Now, who has dress suggestions for me...

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