It's My Party...

Happy Birthday to me...{sartorial roadmap}!!

All of these sweet treats come from my "tasty tasty" board on should join me over there, it's always a good time.

Oh geez.  Exactly one year ago, I had been in Charleston for about 4 days, and I posted my first blog.  In one year I have met so many amazing people, have lived in 3 states (South Carolina, Michigan & New York) and I've made hundreds, no thousands, of wonderful memories.  This blog has been the best outlet as I tend to have an opinion on...most things...a blessing and curse for sure.  I've had the best time sharing my inspiration and travels on this blog for the last year and don't plan on stopping any time soon.  I can never stop thinking about the amazing world that we live in and how badly I yearn to explore every bit of it that I can in the time that I have.  As my second year on Sartorial Roadmap begins, I'm both scared and ridiculously excited to see where this road will take me.  Also a huge shout-out to the coolest people I know, my parents, my family and my friends for telling everybody they know about my blog.

Thank you for being the and reading this little guy of mine.

Also, I should definitely treat myself to a piece of cake today.

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  1. Happy birthday, Sartorial Roadmap!! Miss you, girl. :)