Hey everybody, welcome to my new blog! I am super excited about this, and just want to explain my whole idea behind it! I want it to cover my love of fashion as well as my love of interior design other beautiful things. It will include both original images and images that I've picked up all over the inter-webs from other bloggers and editorials.

The Name
Sartorial: Webster's defines it as "of or relating to a tailor or tailored clothes; broadly: of or relating to clothes." In context "The wedding party arrived in sartorial splendor."

Roadmap: This part of the title refers to me finding my way through life...and hopefully the blog will follow me on trips through the country and the world. (It will also provide a few fun puns along the way i.e. "Sartorial Roadtrips").

Thanks for checking it out, and I'll be sure to have a new post up shortly!!

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