My Favorite Skirt, 3 Ways

Especially in this transitional weather I've noticed myself reaching for my black LNa maxi skirt multiple times a week.  Because I've been loving it so much, I've also needed to experiment with how I wear it.  Check out a few of my favorite springtime variations below.

The first outfit is the most obvious.  Skirt, tee & a topper.  In the summer months I wear this vest to death since I feel like it completes the outfit when worn with sun dresses.  
My second favorite way to wear this skirt is as a dress.  Then to bring it in at the waist, a much more flattering look for me, I tie a shirt up.

 I haven't actually put this look to the test yet but this is my way of dressing the basic jersey skirt up.  I tied it up at the bottom to create an assymetrical hem, and figured why not throw on my beautiful J.Crew heels?  

The skirt might be worn to shreds by the end of the summer, but it will be worth it!

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