So a couple of weeks ago in a client meeting we had a discussion about the #Unplug challenge.  A challenge to disconnect from technology from sunset March 24 to sunset March 25.  The challenge urges you to give up technology i.e. all of your social networks in lieu of in person conversations, and getting in touch with your surroundings.  So I took part, wholeheartedly promising not to touch my computer or phone for 24 hours.  Here is how I spent my day...

First & Foremost is the coffee...then I moved on to a few of my MANY unread magazines, and obviously The Hunger Games.
 Next up I put up the bulletin boards that have been sitting on my floor for 3 months.
Back Forty West for an unplugged lunch.
This little boy was soo sweet!

What I wore for this full day of activity.

If I had brought my phone along I would have been extremely tempted to whip out my phone to instagram, or text.  I did find out a couple of things about myself, 1) sometimes I think in word things out my head so that they're short, sweet & witty.  2) I'm apparently so attached to twitter that I had a dream that I turned my phone on and tweeted something about the night, only to find myself panicking that because I tweeted it everyone at work would know that I didn't last! was a solid Saturday!

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