Sartorial Compass: Liv Tyler, Casual New Yorker

I made a huge list of ideas for Sartorial Compass' one afternoon back in July, and there was no question that Liv Tyler would be included...but seriously...where has she been?  Anyways, I first saw Liv back in the day when I watched Armageddon {vhs} over, and over, and over again {fast-forwarding through any part that didn't include either she or Ben Affleck}, p.s. that movie came out 14 years ago, wow.  Anyways, I was obsessed and Liv has stuck out to me as ridiculously gorgeous ever since.  As seems to be the pattern lately the first batch of photos this month are of Liv in her everyday life, walking her dog, or taking her son to school.  Check out her classic casual style...

She has very classic style, but always make her outfits pop with accessories.  And how cute is the puppy?!  Any girl that loves an olive jacket is cool with me.  

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