Sartorial Compass: Kate Bosworth, Rest of the Best

So today is the 5th Sunday in January, and Kate Bosworth's last day as Sartorial Compass.  Here are, in my humble opinion, the rest of the best looks that she has rocked over the past few years. 

With Sartorial Compass alumni Chloe Sevigny at an event for Valentino on the left and at an event that they co-hosted for Chloe on the right.
I'm typically not the biggest Chanel fan, but I think that if I ever were fortunate enough to wear it, I would wear it like Kate in the photo to the left.  She makes it so cool and young looking, the Burberry feather dress is so great too!
The dress on the left was supposed to be in the Short & Sweet post but I missed it.  She wore the studded skirt and jacket to a Burberry show a few seasons ago, and the fur is Fendi at a show that used The Great Wall of China as the runway.  This Rodarte dress is so simple, yet clearly a product of the Mulleavy sisters.
Last but not least, another amazing look that she just wore to a CFDA event, from Proenza Schoulers' current spring collection...SO good!!  Happy Screen Actors Guild Awards day, looking forward to some great things tonight!

photos via justjared, popsugar

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