Basics Binge

I found myself struggling this fall to find any good basics in my closet that A) fit my post freshman year of college style...i.e. not skin tight/short, and B) I hadn't already worn a million times...i.e. holes and deodorant induced pit-issues. During the course of a couple of shopping trips this fall I think I've finally put together a good collection of versatile basics.

 The tees pictured above and below are from my Old Navy trip.  Both are dolman sleeved and slouchy, they're great dressed up or down. 

I found this grey tea-length dress at Topshop this weekend and couldn't resist pairing it with my denim vest for a summer vibe, and the red jacket for wearing now.
These sweaters are from Gap, perfectly drapey and insanely comfortable!  
Lastly this black tee is also from Gap, the neckline is lined in chiffon making it just different enough.  And II found this bag at J.Crew this weekend.  I couldn't turn down the quilted side panels and the black on black hardware!!

I often have a hard time committing to basics because they're so simple, but without the basics you can't wear all of your fun pieces.

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