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I recently got my dads hand-me-down computer (it's 2 years newer than my 6 year old one, but operates like magic in comparison) and it's motivated me to get my computer organized.  With all of the blogs I comb through regularly I find inspiring photos often, therefore, saving many images to my computer to use for new posts etc...  So today I decided to organize my folder of "dreams," decor dreams that is.  With over 300 saved photos I organized them based on type of space (outdoor, kitchen etc...), but I think my favorite folder is "dens, offices, attics."  Check out a few of the best pictures below...

A den is defined as "a secluded room for study or relaxation," or my favorite, "a center of secret activity."

 Bakers racks as love.

A space for concentration and inspiration...these are lovely!

My desk is similar to this one...can't wait to bust it out again!

Wonderfully rustic and cozy.

To me this seems like a modern version of the attic in Little Women.
Okay is that view photoshopped?!

I can't wait to just collect and collect and make the perfect office, attic, and or den all in one.  What I love about decorating, just like building a wardrobe, is that it's never complete, there's always one more thing to add to or rearrange.

photos via desire to inspire and design sponge (I post many of these to my pinterest page also)

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