Welcome to Paris

Little did all of you know I made a quick stop in Paris a couple of weeks ago...  Welllllll not quite, but it sure felt like it.  While checking out Savannah with Allie she made sure to bring me to her favorite place in town.  The Paris Market is a gorgeous shop full of unique furniture, jewelry and beautiful little knick knacks all around.  I snapped a few not-so-discreet photos of the sweet shop and can't wait to go back again.

Their displays show an intense dedication to the idea of "organized clutter" making the store feel lived in and perfectly chaotic.

You always know that a store has gotten it right when the thought "I would really like to sleep and wake up here" crosses your mind.

LOVE this idea.  I probably spent twenty minutes surveying bags to see which one I would like to take home with me, which a. defeats the entire purpose of the "grab bag" and b. due to to a lack of cut-throat decision making skills caused me to walk away empty handed.  How cute is this place though?  They also have a fantastic blog here that you should visit as well...

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