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Tommy Ton originally started his website Jak & Jil in 2005 but it wasn't until 2007 that he finally got to go to the international fashion shows and try his hand at streetstyle photography.  In 2008 he began taking the candid shots that he is now known for (as opposed to head-to-toe shots), and that's when his life got CRAZY.  Every year he travels all over the world for and GQ (as well as to take pics for his own website) and he always seems to find something the rest of us don't see.

He captures the most amazing colors and angles, here are my favorite snaps of his for from the European shows!

Alexander Wang Simona Fox shoe to the rescue!!!!

No better print and color mixing has ever been seen.

Miroslava is at it again.  I wish that her blog wasn't written entirely in Russian.

I love this photo.  For one they look like they're having a great time simply hanging out, and I also love how they have such different personal styles, but it's cool because they're both still on trend.  

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