Sartorial Roadtrip: Nashvegas, TN

Well officially I was road-tripping to Pure Michigan with stop in Tennessee, but who needs those details.  A little back story here; during my childhood my family and I took a once yearly roadtrip to Florida for spring break...let's not talk about the time they decided we should fly...sore subject.  I had this dream of becoming a singer and knew that Nashville was the place to be for that (my parents weren't as obliging as Taylor Swift's...THAT COULD BE ME).  Since we always drove through in the middle of the night, I would have my mom wake me up so that I could look out the windows and dream of going there to begin my career.  Fast forward 15 years and I had still NEVER been to Nashville.

Here is my photo diary from one night in Nashvegas.  
A photo from the lovely ride through the Appalachian Mountains...
Remember this post and the amazing red chair, if only I could have run out of there with this one at Merchants on Broadway.

Pretty much took this photo because it The Stage plays a major role in "Country Strong" featuring one of my faves, Leighton Meester, and the incomparable Garrett Hedlund.

At the Ryman Auditorium...

Loved this building down by the river.  It was a good few hours down on the strip...short but sweet...I shall return again some day to beg for a recording contract...

ALSO big shout out to my pal Marissa who made another lovely header for Sartorial Roadmap!!

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