Sartorial Compass: Kirsten Dunst Evening & Beyond

Luckily October has 5 Sunday's so missing the first Sunday of this months Sartorial Compass has not put me behind at all!  In today's edition of Sartorial Compass, she sartorially kills it in one bunch of ethereal gowns and then another bunch shows off her darker side.  Check out the lovely looks...

These lovely looks include three Chanel gowns (maybe four...not sure about look 1) and a light blue Rochas dress that looks fantastic with her auburn locks.  She definitely has a formula: ruffles, pastels and a perfect pucker.

I love these looks, her porcelain skin glows in dark dresses which from the left include Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and more Chanel.  I have to say that the Louis Vuitton dress is from one of my absolute favorite LV collections of late, and it flatters her figure quite nicely.

Lastly Kirsten is also a big fan of Proenza Schouler and shows that she's loved them for a while...

A Proenza look from 2007-ish.

And here she sports a super cool look from their Spring 2011 line.

photos via just jared, and more

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