Peep Me on Pinterest

I thought I would take this chance to invite you all to the wonderful world of Pinterest.  A beautiful place where you can find pictures of yummy food, pretty clothes and pretty much anything else you might want to find.  I was skeptical about it at first, but once I gave in it opened my eyes to a whole new world of inspiration.  Peep a few of my recent "pins"...

"decor dreams" board
 "high fashion" board
"street style" board
 "the deets" board
"dudes" board
"beauty board" board

If you feel so inclined you may follow your mouse to the right side of your screen and hit the cute red Pinterest button...while you're at it bloglovin' and twitter are right there too!  I'm still getting used to "pinning," but so far it's been fun, and I urge you to join if you haven't yet.  See ya there!

photos via fashion gone rogue, dapper lou, the man repeller, photodiarist, and desire to inspire

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