Glamorous Roadtrippin' in Oz

While strolling around Fashion Gone Rogue the other day I came upon this beautiful editorial from the pages of Harper's Bazaar Australia's September issue.  Photographed by Will Davidson and styled by Jillian Davison, they totally transport you to another time and place, check it out...

Beautiful combination of 40's glamour and Australian desert/countryside...I guess they would consider that...the Outback?!

Like this post from Vogue Latin America  about a month ago...there's just something about the foreign publications that seem to use the beautiful natural settings that they have access to more liberally than U.S. publications.  We have mountains, deserts (probably used the most...), great lakes (and by great I mean H.O.M.E.S.-look it up), forests etc...  And all I ever see are U.S. editorials featuring jagged architecture and New York City.  I'm a callin' for a change, who's with me?!

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  1. I love love love everything about this! BEAUTIFUL clothes...