Crazy Awesome Sunday

This Sunday I treated myself to a nice afternoon since I didn't have to work.  The morning started off with a trip to City Church...great way to start the day.  I then headed back to my apartment before my big adventure...and found one of my roommates watching the "Coco Before Chanel" DVD that I had left in the player from two nights earlier...I couldn't resist so I sat down to watch the rest of it with's a very interesting [love] story, if you haven't seen it yet you should.

Next up was my stop at Hominy Grill for "brunch" at 2 pm.  I had every intention of photographing my delish meal before digging in, but as usual of course the food had me distracted and I got right in there.  But I did manage to snap a pic of the last few bites of the most delicious part of my meal...

Hello homemade jam and tasty tasty biscuit..."ya'll" and biscuits are in an intense race for "best thing about living in the south."  Next up a member of the top five best things about living in America club...

As usual I found way too many things that I didn't need, but today self-control reigned supreme...that is until I bought snacks for activity #4 of the day, chocolate covered cookie dough and sour patch kids were the treat du jour split between aforementioned roommate and I during a screening of this Hollywood masterpiece...

Crazy Stupid Love rounded out the day in a pretty major way.  If you haven't seen it yet, you must.  Funny, clever and sweet.  LOVE.

Last but not least, I am no where near a great photographer, let alone personal style photographer...but today I thought I would try my hand at posting an outfit.  I knew I would be inside most of the day so I threw together this layered number.

My LnA black maxi skirt (as a's my favorite dress lately), jcrew sweater & belt, necklaces from target & my mom.

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  1. ummmm if all of your outfits are that cute, then i beg for more outfit posts! haha