RC, I Love You

This summer I learned how deep my love of culottes, palazzo pants, whatever we're calling them, runs.  It runs deep, that love runs so deep.  There's just something about the teeny tiny waist paired with the incredibly freeing wide legs.  Anyways, before this turns into an even sappier love story about culottes, I'll turn it into one about Rachel Comey.  She's created the only three pairs of pants that I need to own next spring, and for that I love her.  I will be saving up every penny for them.

 I'm not sure if this is a romper or two separate pieces, regardless, I need to own all of it.
I should probably just plan to purchase this entire outfit.  

I'm typically not a huge fan of the Spring collections, but thanks to RC I'm feeling quite optimistic about the upcoming season.

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