Met Men

The ladies of the Met Gala typically steal the show, but this year I had to give credit to the dudes who rocked it in their designer duds.  

Up above we have Frank Ocean giving the punk to us in a very understated way, you must note the studded footwear.  And of course below is the man of the year, Pharrell Williams with his lady date, both sporting Lanvin.  The understated checked print on his suit hits me to the core. 

Men in Blue.  Eddie Redmayne in the most perfectly tailored navy Dior suit is almost too much for me to handle and Nicholas Hoult pulled off the oversized bowtie and a blue jacket quite well, how cute is he?

Last but not least, it's Charlie Conway no, Pacey Whitter I mean, JOSHUA JACKSON, looking dapper in Dior Homme. I love the touch of red in both his socks and his tie. 

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