If I Were a Boy...

I wonder, if I were a boy, would I love J.Crew men's clothing as much as I do as a lady?  More than likely, yes.  Yesterday on a shopping excursion, I shopped with the best possible friend to take into a men's shop for a judgement-free opinion (thanks Steph!), and I found my new favorite shirt shape.  See, last week I returned a women's short sleeved chambray shirt with a heavy heart, but it was that thing where I had idolized the piece so much, then I put it on and it just wasn't working, so this week I resolved to try on the J.Crew men's version, and magic happened.
 J.Crew Short-Sleeved Japanese Chambray Shirt

 I'm so excited about the fit of both of these, enough room to feel comfortable, but fitted enough that I don't feel like I'm actually wearing men's clothing.  The magic of the seersucker shirt is the weight, it's so lightweight and nearly sheer.  IT. IS. PERFECT.  I can't wait to style them up, tie 'em up, and wear them all summer long.
J.Crew Short Sleeved Seersucker Shirt

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