Picasso in Black & White

On Monday I headed way uptown to the Guggenheim for a day filled with Picasso.  Picasso & I have a somewhat long relationship, I got to know him in depth for the first time in 8th grade during a history project.  This simple history project was a part of the National History Fair competition and Picasso brought my friend and I all the way to National's in D.C.  Falling in love with the work of Picasso during this project was my first introduction into art and art history {I fell even more in love with art history in college} and while I loved so many of Picasso's cubist works, I found myself most drawn to pieces from earlier in his career, namely his Blue period and Rose period.

The exhibit took a look at the vast amount of works spanning his career, specifically 1904-1971, that were crafted using primarily black, white and shades of gray.  Over time his work morphed from his Blue & Rose periods to his first attempts at Cubism, his neoclassical paintings, and even his exploration into surrealism.  Enjoy!

All of his sculptures play on the same rounded yet rigid features with so much textures.  I loved this one.

It was a day well spent and I doubt that it will be my last trip to the Guggenheim.  

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