Birds of Paradise

 I'm busy working in all of my favorite, and yet to come in to existence summer looks before these long, hot days come to an official end.  This is one of my absolute favorite Summer 2012 purchases.  Within 18 hours of explaining to my mom that the white dress with massive red, yellow and blue poppies she had picked up for me on a whim was just not my style, and in fact a bit "too much" in terms of the print, I stopped in at Anthropologie and picked up this lil' garment.  I now completely understand how my style could be confusing to those that exist outside of my brain...

My favorite details on the dress have to be the mixed patterns and accent prints, adding just that perfect extra dose of quirk.  

Then, there's this guy.  He has a twin, and they hang out at Fort Greene Park on the weekends.  How are you enjoying the last few days, nights, and weekends of summer?

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