Can't Stop, Won't Stop

Once upon a time during a fashion week season about two years ago, Who What Wear editor Katherine Power, tweeted out a picture showing off her favorite new trend: a fully buttoned shirt.  Ever since I first saw that photo I have been inspired.  In the beginning it was inspiration to wear more menswear-ish shirts in the first place.  Then, this summer, I made the transition to button many of those shirts almost to the top.  It wasn't until finally in October of 2011, that I fully immersed myself in clavicle-less dressing.

Above are a few of my favorite fall and winter iterations.  Sweaters, chambray and a healthy dose of flannel were worn frequently.
Into the spring and summer months the focus is going to have to shift to sleeveless and short sleeved layering.  I was super skeptical about this trend at first, but now it has slowly but surely claimed at least one outfit per week in my life.


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