Grin & Bare 'Em

The freakishly warm weather that has dominated much conversation since "the winter that never happened, 2012," careened into New York this past Monday with a high of about 85.  Presenting a situation that I have a very difficult time reconciling while getting dressed in the morning in a sweltering hot, no AC room.  Problem 1) my legs are glow-in-the-dark pale right now, issue 2) despite the temperature I have a really hard time dressing like it's July, in April, it just isn't right, and lastly dilemma 3) I really hate heat, and am additionally not a big fan of summer clothes.

I decided to ease myself into the bare legs by wearing a midi-skirt from J.Crew that is perfect for this weather.  Then I threw on this Old Navy tee, I really like pairing the silky bottom with a basic on top.
And, well, it's spring soo that means I'll be wearing my denim jacket pretty much every other day.  {It's Thursday and I'm wearing it again...and who knows what Friday holds}.
Yesterday I was still battling the weird temperatures and have been wanting to wear this skirt again for a while {it's not lined so wearing it with tights is's definitely more suited for fall and spring}.  I paired the J.Crew skirt with a super bright tee {also from J.Crew}...I will be wearing this a lot.
Obviously it's not summer yet so leather was a necessary addition.

The skirt/t-shirt combination will absolutely be this summer's wardrobe, now I just need a few more tees...

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