In Celebration of Layers & Fur

Growing up only a few miles from "freshwater coastline," as the Pure Michigan ads like to call it, I always figured myself a "summer girl."  For years I had bleach blonde hair and yearned for lazy afternoons at the beach.  However since going to college in a town with some of the most brutal winter weather I've ever experienced, and a growing love of fashion and personal expression I grew into a person who LOVES the fall and winter, for the most part {I can do without slush and negative wind chills...}.  Layering is my favorite thing about fashion, and I experiment with it and take inspiration from others on how to be a more creative layer-er daily.  So in honor of the fact that NYFW has officially begun the Fall/Winter 2012 shows, here are a few of my favorite winter looks from the 2011 NYFW season...

Michael Kors, usually a brand that doesn't do much for me, blew it out of the water last year.  The mauve, taupe and tan furs opened my eyes to a whole new world of luxe.  
Proenza Schouler used pixelated navajo prints for their textiles, and the shoes were absolutely ridiculous.
Yigal Azrouel mastered the art of feminine masculinity last season, and though he wasn't the first to inspire my love for button-down shirts fully buttoned, he certainly got me extra jazzed about it.  

I cannot wait to take a look at what's to come in 2012 for layers, knits and furs!!  

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