Oh Irene

With the possibility of my first category 3 hurricane experience looming I thought I should compile a [fashionable when possible] thorough and functional wishlist of weekend necessities. 

From left to right the boots are the Aigle Equibelle wellies available at J.Crew, classic with a nice pop of color to brighten up what promises to bring a monsoon.

. The gallon of water is totally necessary for...everything in case the  power goes out...I was also told to fill up my bathtub so that I can flush the toilet.  That may just be the most valuable piece of information I get throughout this experience.

Next up the poncho...I looked long and hard for this because there's something really cool about ponchos as opposed to regular old rain slickers...and this one is awesome because a) you can buy it at Crate & Barrel and b) because it has a Marimekko print in the lining!

. Light sources from REI: the Coleman lantern is fueled by propane so I probably won't be buying that before the big storm, but I think it's super pretty.  And this Maglite LED flashlight is real nifty because you can adjust it from a floodlight setting to spotlight setting.

. The Caravan satchel from Madewell looks like the perfect bag to toss a few important belongings into (flashlights, batteries, laptop, September Issues...ya know necessities)

On a sidenote the storm is also a source of concern because as you can see my window has recently dealt with some leakage issues...  I'm trying not to worry too much since I've heard that you are only allowed to freak out about 2 days in advance (impending freak out day: Thursday, August 25).  So good luck to my fellow Charleston-dwellers this weekend, and may Irene get distracted and travel elsewhere.

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